Month: April 2019

Why is Landscaping Important to Premises

To most folks, landscaping is nothing more than just window dressing and nothing could be further from the truth. Landscapes, no doubt does improve on the aesthetics but more significantly, they build an atmosphere around the space that it is done in.  It is possible to change the feel and look to a premise by simply changing the landscape ideas most of the time. Interestingly, landscapes are the convenient and easy to do changes most of the time.

It would be worth noting that landscapes are what make a compound of a house complete in all aspects. Lack of sufficient green spaces in the front of the homes makes the whole presentation rather lackluster and drab to look at.

What constitutes landscaping?

Another convenient term to use for landscaping is land sculpting; which is nothing but changing the topography of the land to meet certain aesthetic requirements.  So it is possible to have undulating hills and rolling plains in places where such structures are rather unusual to have around. One of the most powerful manners that are used in landscaping ideas is the use of flowing water or even ponds. It is possible to have some life forms as fish and water lilies around these bodies of water.

Another aspect of landscaping is the furniture that goes on to decorate the space. One of the most common types of furniture is the wrought iron pieces which in turn does not rust and is heavy enough to take a fair bit of punishment as well.  These pieces tend to be rather heavy set and with large limbs to make them stand out in the large expansive gardens.

Modern take on garden furniture comes in the form of plastic pieces which do not wilt under the strong sunlight as well as make it easy to move around as well.  One of the strongest of reasons to use plastic furniture is the strong color binding nature of the pieces as well as the sheer durability.

The key takeaway from landscapes

There are strong take reasons to using landscaping other than just the pure aesthetics. Firstly, any tree cover prevents unusual run off of rain water and tends to retain the top soil no matter the heaviness of the rains.  A grass covered piece of land retains ground or soil moisture to a larger extent than otherwise.

When designing landscapes, a flexible approach not only makes things more presentable but would have turned otherwise what would have been a simple home or building into a sophisticated piece of architecture. One of the powerful ways of expressing the personality of the individuals that stay at a place is defined by the landscape and the ideas incorporated in creating it.


It is wrong to apply a blanket rule to creating landscapes most of the time. The right approach is to take the finer lay out of the land in term of expanse and introduce softer elements such as landscape furniture to create effective spaces which can be a joy to behold.

Thanks to our friend at Tree Lopping Logan Co for sharing his knowledge on the importance of landscaping to ones’premises.

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